Web Fundamentals Course

Web development is an exciting and constantly evolving field that requires a solid understanding of the fundamentals. As a lecturer of the Web Fundamentals course at Nile University, I had the opportunity to introduce undergraduate students to the essential concepts and skills they need to become successful web developers.

The main goal of this course was to provide students with a practical approach to learning web development, exposing the underlying algorithms and showing how to solve real-world problems. I designed the course to cover the fundamentals in a way that builds a strong knowledge base for the students. We approached web development from a fresh perspective that other courses often overlook, teaching students how to use web technologies to build anything for the web, from browser extensions to CLI tools, emails, and more, not just websites!

The course doesn't rely on any external library or framework. Instead, we focused on deepening the students' knowledge about the core APIs of web development languages, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This allowed students to gain a solid understanding of the foundational building blocks of web development.

One of the most memorable exercises in the course was building the Google search engine page that existed in 2006. In this exercise, students were introduced to the first bones of HTML and learned how to submit a search to Google's current search endpoint. This exercise demonstrated the practical application of the knowledge gained in the course.

In addition to technical skills, the course also covered non-development skills that web developers need, such as UI/UX design, accessibility, and more. This provided students with a well-rounded education that prepares them for a successful career in web development.

Throughout the course, students had the opportunity to apply their newly acquired knowledge in practical projects, such as building their own website, developing a browser extension, and creating a web-based game. These projects allowed students to see firsthand how the concepts they learned in class translate to real-world scenarios.

In conclusion, the Web Fundamentals course at Nile University provided students with a practical, well-rounded approach to learning web development. By focusing on the fundamentals, exposing the underlying algorithms, and emphasizing practical projects, students gained a strong foundation that will serve them well in their future careers.