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Worked on a bunch of blazing web projects.

I like to create a wide range of products for the web. From Chrome extensions and emails to full-stack applications and websites, Throught out the past few years, I’ve had the privilege and the opportunities to create memorable products that aren’t only enjoyable to use, but also written in a code that is responsible and easy to maintain.

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Mohamed Mustafa
Rafiqi COO

It's rare to find someone who knows something about everything and everything about something, which makes Omar an outstanding team player: He is a superlative web developer who always impressed me with meeting the deliverables days before the deadline with the requested quality and better. He can create designs, create content, shoot and edit videos, and handle projects.

When he works as a leader or team player, the imperative of success is not negotiable. Omar is a well-organized and talented person. He has demonstrated a destigmatized resilience in accepting constructive criticism and transforming it into gained skill and experience. In addition to that, he sticks to deadlines regardless of the workload. I worked with him for more than a year in different activities (voluntary, paid, and competitive), and he was always the best team player or leader I worked with.

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